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Pajazz nine months Pajazz nine months

It will be very exciting to follow everything that will happen in the dog world in the next few months in Sweden. Show rules changed in early 2011 and now follows breeding index and new restrictions on rabies. I wonder how it will affect? How will my dog's index to be? Will I be able to learn to calculate the index myself? Maybe I do not have the perfect dog to keep the index that is needed? However, I have understood so much that it will be very good for our breeding program and I'm not particularly worried about my bitches anyway.
Rabies restrictions will also be fine. It will help when we need some new blood into our lines. We will probably also vaccinate more dogs which is also good.
However, I don´t think the show rules have fallen out as I expected. (and yes, it's my thoughts and nobody else) Although this will be exciting to follow.
Here at home it is as it should, and next weekend we are going on tour with the Wild. Keeping my fingers crossed for good mating and eventually puppies to kiss. Pajazz think Wild smells good and he cleans the house for her. Dangle also notice what is going on and washes her mother every night so that she will be
clean and nice as she go away

 The new rabies restrictions will make it easier for us in Sweden to visit dog shows around the world and see how the judges judge in other countries. It would be fun to travel around Europe next summer and meet friends in the example. Czech Republic, Italy, France, etc.

Until then we will go on as many exhibitions nearby as possible. We have the same distance to Stockholm as to Prague!

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