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Pajazz has now been demonstrated in his first International Dog Show othis Sunday. He got excellent and was placed second in his class. We are pleased with his reviews, but especially with his behavior. Quiet and kind and he's really a mentality out of the ordinary. Congratulations also to Plude that showed three dogs and all were excellent. Congratulations to Sisi, which got excellent on Tassego's Diddeli thunder aka Lizzie and also to Marianne who had four excellent, placements and HP in the breeding class! Thank you Ekoxen Kennel for a wonderful weekend with good food, lots of laughter, warmth, friendship and good advice. Your family is just the best and is always there when we need you. Now we view the exhibition on Öland and it will be super cozy. Hugs to Marianne who was involved in an accident and hope you feel better in three weeks then we meet again.

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  • sissi • 19 augusti 2011 08:32:11
    Hej bästa du!!!!
    GRATTIS till både Pajazz fina resultat och din egen uppfödning Lizzies "Dundra" fina resultat!! Så jäkla roligt! Tack för den gågna helgen, snart väntar nya äventyr!
    Pajazz är underbar och trevlig!

    Congrats to Pajazz first show!!!! He is such a lovely and nice dog, WE LOVE HIM A LOT!!!!!! I would also like to congratulate YOU for Lizzies EXCELLENT...LOVE to you all.
    Looking forward to new roadtrips and advcentures in the nearby future.

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