Happy Birthday Ego Boy´s

Congratulations to Tassego´s Ego Boy´s who turned one year 18/8. Hope you had many hugs, bones and kisses! As a surprice, Tassego´s Ego Boy Electro aka Harry showed up yesterday and it was so nice to see him. A strong male with excellent head and good body. We will met soon again and maybe we will see him on a Dogshow soon? We are stil waiting for Dingla to come into heat and for Vilda to give us some pregnacy signs? We will not do any ultra sound because I want my bitches to have a nice and calm time after mating and not be exposed for my curosity. if there are puppies there are and you can not affect it anyway.

soon it's off to Öland for yet a dog show and it will be nice

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  • Sissi • 20 augusti 2011 23:04:18
    Grattis till Ego Boys <3 på 1-årsdagen lite i efterskott, kan tänka mig att de växt upp till fin ståtliga killar, skulle varit rolig att se dem :)
    Nospuss till dem från oss <3

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