Tassego´s Diddeli Dumle HD A!

Dumle HD A Dumle HD A

Today I am at home and is sick with a cruel cold, cough, aches and fever. Anton is just as sick as we take it very easy. Do hope I feel better before the weekend when we go away with Pajazz to the dog show on Öland. I and Sissi travel up to Marianne already on Friday so it will not be as far to drive on Saturday morning. Then it's nice because the show will not start until ten o'clock.
Dangle has come in heat so it'll be mating the same weekend as the dog show at Sofiero.
One other good news is that Tassego's Diddeli Dumle is re x-rayed and the brilliant results HD A! !!!!!!! Hooray, we are so happy for our own sake, for Lolo's sake but especially for Dumle's sake. Especially fun is it because Lolo would like to use him for breeding and we wish her ​​all the best with it.

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  • marianne • 12 september 2011 11:29:23
    Grattis. Så kul med ett nytt bra röntgenresultat. Krya på er.
  • Sissi • 30 augusti 2011 17:24:41
    Är så j- kl glad för din och Lollos skull <3
    grattis x så långt jag kan räkna!!!!!!

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