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I've finally got some strength back after a lengthy cold. How long can you have a cold, anyway? Lots of people have been sick a long time in both colds and severe pneumonia. Maybe it's because of some vitamins after a surrogate sunshine for sunless summer, what do I know?
Pajazz has been on her second show and he had reviewed Very Good. The criticism can be read at his side. He behaved as usual excellent and must be one of the coolest guys you could meet.
Dangle has been with Ekoxen's Kennel and been mated and if there are puppies, they are estimated to week 45.
Unfortunately, I also announce that the Wild are not pregnant and of course we feel with you that were interested in puppy from this combination. Better luck next time and there are certainly a point in that everything is as it gets.


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  • marianne • 16 september 2011 15:44:57
    Hoppas du är bättre nu, det var en lång och envis förkylning du fick. Tråkigt att Vilda inte lagt ut ngt ännu, men man vet ju aldrig... Vi får hoppas på att den unga damen ska vara dräktig så ni får lite valpmys nu i höstrusket. Razzla är dräktig, så vi väntar berner valpar om ett par veckor. Vi hörs och ses

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